(S) Perfecto Complete Double End Reel Coil Feed Line 50,000 lbs x 84 Wide

(S) Perfecto Complete Double End Reel Coil Feed Line 50,000 lbs x 84" Wide

Stock Number: 4547M

PERFECTO RS507284B / S-558407 / DRF-884

Serial No. 99046      Age: 2000

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Coil weight capacity:50,000 Lbs
Coil width capacity:84"
Stock thickness capacity:.187" x 84" Wide
Stock thickness capacity:.250" x 48" Wide
Expansion range:23" - 27"
Coil OD capacity:72"
Serial No.:99046

Equipped With:
Double End Coil Reel Model No RD507272B
Three leaf mandrel (hydraulic expansion) full radius pads
Complete set of coil keeper arms
Brakes (adjustable tensioning) mounted on each spindle
Thread drives for jog forward and reverse
Powered arbor rotation with automatic locking pin and travel limits
Dual coil hold down arms with motorized end-wheels
Traveling coil load car Model No LC60NN
Powered lift and travel
Coil car tracks included
Operator's control station

Powered Straightener Model No S-558407
Seven straightener rolls x 5.5" diameter
"Triple back-ups" support rollers on upper and lower straightening rolls
Motorized upper straightening roll adjustments with position readouts
Entry and exit pinch rolls x 7" diameter with matte chrome finish
Motorized stock width edge guides with position indicators
Stock peeler station with lift table and spade peeler blade
Hydraulic crop shear
Stock end-debender station
Exit cascade loop support rollers
Programmable variable speed drive system
Free standing Nema-12 electrical enclosure with fused disconnect
Automatic lubrication system
Self contained hydraulic unit
Common operator's main control console
Remote pendant for jog forward and reverse

Servo Roll Feed Model No M86
Eight inch diameter full width upper and lower feed rolls
Air operated pivoting upper feed roll adjustment / pilot (dual cylinder)
AC Servo controls and HMI
Remote pendant control for jog forward and reverse
Heavy duty adjustable stock width edge guides
Anti-Back up roll assembly
Cabinet base mounted with heavy duty adjustment
Powered pass line height adjustment
**Complete mechanical reconditioning and servo control upgrade available - consult sales for pricing**


(S) Perfecto Complete Double End Reel Coil Feed Line 50,000 lbs x 84 Wide
Pneumatic Feed
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