Used Coil Handling - Press Feeding Specialists

Servo Feed Rebuilds

Main Feed Head Rebuild

  • Disassemble entire feed head and drive train
  • Inspect all machine components for integrity, wear and damage
    o Components to include:
    - feed rolls and journals
    - side plates and gear housing
    - upper roll lift assembly
    - drive train components (gears, belts, pulleys, sheaves)
    - lubrication points and manifold
  • Clean, sand, prime and paint appropriate components
  • Grind and apply matte chrome finish to upper / lower feed rolls
    o Advise if rolls are damaged beyond repair
  • Rebuild pneumatic cylinders (Roll lift, pilot and anti-backup)
  • Install new bearings, races and bushings
  • Re-assemble entire feed head
  • Install drive train and verify alignment
  • Time upper feed roll adjustment for parallelism
  • Install new solenoid control valve(s) 
  • Install new pneumatic components (fittings, quick exhausts, flow controls)
  • Install new lubrication fittings, hosing and accessories
  • Rebuild cabinet pass line elevation system (if applicable)
  • Clean, sand and paint entire machine to color of choice

Optional Features

  • Constant clamp press mount system
  • New main drive gearbox (if required)


Our Process

  Roll feed head disassembled
• Complete inspection of all components

  Upper and lower feed rolls
Ground and recoated with matte chrome finish

  New timing belt installed 
Drive main drive sheave installed

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  New bearings installed 
New lubrication system installed
  New pilot solenoid valve installed
New air control system installed