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Servo Controls Retrofitting

In the past thirty years controls have gone through tremendous changes and improvements while the design of press feeds have stayed relatively the same. As older control systems begin to become obsolete, downtime for these repairs and replacement parts increase. Servo controls retrofitting provides the latest servo technology in conjunction with existing roll feeds. Benefits include improved job set up times, increased production rates, part accuracy and serviceability.

Pneumatic Feed Service has become the industry leader in servo control upgrades. We perform more retrofit installations than all other companies in the industry combined. Our universal controls are adaptable to most makes and models of roll feeds. this smart system requires no auxiliary software as all parameters are programmed through the standard HMI. In summary: New servo controls are more accurate, efficient, and have features that bring versatility to your press room, resulting in increased production and minimized downtime.


New Retrofitted Controls Packages

  • Rexroth Indramotion VCP 08 HMI

  • Rexroth Indramotion Servo Motor

  • Servo Motor Power Cable; Servo Motor Feed Back Cable

  • Remote Jog Pendant with 10' of cord and mounting holster

  • All related relays, starters, push buttons, pilot lights, etc.

  • Emergency Stop

  • Free standing NEMA-12 sloped front electrical enclosure

  • Fused disconnect

  • Full operators manual and electrical schematics


Feed Controls and Features

Master Control Start and Stop Speed Adjust/Feed Length Adjust
Drive Motor Start and Stop Emergency Stop Button
Manual/Auto Selection Feed Rolls Open-Close Selector Switch
Hand Held Jog Control (F/R) Jog Forward/Reverse
Pilot Pin Release On/Off Self Diagnostics
999 Job Storage Memory On the Fly Micro Adjust via +/- Keystroke
Input and Output Status Displays Each job may have Independant Max Speed, Length, Accel, Decel, and Jerk Settings
Batch Count Capability Error History Log
Password Protected Control Inch or Metric Programming

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