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Our Process - Gold Seal Approval

Pneumatic Feed Service’s 9 Step Reconditioning Process

Pneumatic Feed Service offers the most comprehensive reconditioning services for coil handling equipment in the metal forming industry. Founded in 1978, Pneumatic Feed Service has become the only company of its’ kind and scale. Our in depth post completion inspection process is second to none. We offer a wide range of used coil feed lines, servo roll feedscoil reelsuncoilerscoil cradlesair feeds and other coil handling equipment. Pneumatic Feed Service’s gold seal of approval guarantee gives you piece of mind and ensures the highest quality reconditioned machinery.

Step 1)     Complete evaluation of equipment-mechanical, electrical,Hydraulic and pneumatic.

Step 2)     Disassembly and assesment of individual machine components as required.

Step 3)     Detailed bench inspection to develop scope of work to be performed.

Step 4)     Identify worn, damaged, non-operable and missing parts.

Step 5)     Replace, recondition and or repair all indentified items as required per work scope.

Step 6)     Retrofit or repair drives and controls per specification or application.

Step 7)     Clean, sand and paint all machinery per specified color schemes.

Step 8)     Complete re-assembly of machinery and interconnections of control system.

Step 9)     Start up, test and run production simulation and final quality check.

Step 10)   Disassembly as required and prep for shipment to end user.

Our Process  Our Process

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