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About Pneumatic Feed Service

1. Main Assembly Area
1. Main Assembly Area
2. Control Panel Build Area
2. Control Panel Build Area
3. Machining Area
3. Machining Area
4. Pneumatic Feed Service Plant
4. Pneumatic Feed Service Plant
Pneumatic Feed Service Plant
Founded in 1978 by the late Robert C. Werner, Pneumatic Feed Service has become the most experienced and largest company of its kind.  PFS is completely specialized in coil handling and press feeding equipment.  For over 32 years, Pneumatic Feed Service has provided the highest quality rebuilding services and reconditioned used machinery to the metal stamping industry. When it comes to rebuilding and pre-owned equipment, we are the experts and leaders of the industry.

Our 45,000 sq/ ft facility in Clinton Township, MI houses a vast inventory of coil equipment.  Most makes and sizes are stocked, from a simple coil reel to completely automated 72” coil feed line. Resources available include but are not limited to; on-site service technicians, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, control engineers, panel builders, experienced fabricators and machinists and highly skilled machinery rebuilders.  Whether your project is large or small,

Pneumatic Feed Service has the capacity to handle it all.

Services offered:
  • AC Servo retrofits for most makes of servo roll feeds
  • Reconditioned machines from inventory
  • Complete Press Feed Lines, Servo Roll Feeds, Servo Feed - Straighteners, Coil Reels, Powered Straighteners, Levellers, Coil Cradle Straighteners, Coil Upenders And Air Feeds
  • Complete rebuilding services
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and controls
  • AC Variable frequency drive and control retrofits
  • General repairs
  • Customization of equipment and complete coil feed lines
  • Mechanical, electrical and controls engineering
  • Replacement parts and service
  • Machine consignment services
  • Full service CNC machine shop


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